How To Send Big Files Easily with DropSend

Few things are as frustrating as trying to send a large file and getting the dreaded message that the file is too big. There are a few choices for compressing files and adjusting sizes, but they take time, depending on your level of experience. The entire process can become very frustrating, especially if you are in a hurry to send out information. Luckily, there is a better way to send large files.

The Process

When sending a big file, whether it is a PDF, presentation, large photo, MP3 file, or a graphic, there are limits to what an email can handle. DropSend is a quick and easy solution, allowing you to transfer large files up to 8GB. Simply upload your file to the DropSend cloud and send a link through email instead. This way, the person receiving the file gets an email with a downloadable link. This is a secure way to send information since only the person with the link can view the information.

So how can you send big files with DropSend? The process is easy.

  1. Simply type in an email, browse for the file, and click send.
  2. Need to send more than one file? Attach each file to the message. Just make sure the attachments are less than 8 GB each.
  3. The person receiving the file does not need to have a DropSend account, so you can use this program to send files to anyone.
  4. If you receive an email from another user, it appears in your DropSend Inbox for you to either download or copy it into your storage for later use.


The Benefits of DropSend

Since DropSend is a cloud based system, you can back up all your hard drive. Your entire website can be backed up which means you can rest easy knowing that if your business experiences a crash, the information is recoverable for an easier fix. Backing up information is easy. Just select files and select the folder where you want to save them. The free DropSend desktop upload tool makes it easier to upload entire folders at once.

Another major benefit of using DropSend is that you can archive critical data and access from anywhere on your device. Rather than relying on the office computers for presentations, you can pull them up anywhere. There is no need to be tethered to an office for appointments anymore. If you are working on a big project as a team, the business plan is available for group file sharing. This way, you can collaborate as a team even if you are in different locations.

DropSend is available in different versions for your convenience.

  • DropSend Direct for PC: Quick and easy to use, uploads are possible even with an unstable internet connection. When the connection is stable, the upload resumes automatically, so you don’t have to sit and wait. Easy set up only takes a few minutes.
  • DropSend Direct for Mac: All the benefits and uses as the PC version, just with a sleek MAC interface and operating system integration. This way, users don’t have to change the system they currently use to enjoy the benefits of DropSend.
  • DropSend for Outlook: With the DropSend for Outlook plug-in, you can forget about emails bouncing back. This allows sending large files seamlessly using your DropSend account.
  • DropSend for Mobile Apps: Share, access, and manage files from your iOS or Android device.


There are different plans and pricing options available so you can get the right amount of storage for your needs. If you are a business requiring a multiuser program, we have plans for encryption for personal and business uses.

Get Started

If you or your business is looking for a better way to share and send big files, securely store information, and collaborate as a group, give DropSend a try. We are so confident that you will love DropSend, we offer a free trial. If you have any questions or require support, our staff is ready to help. With more than 4,000,000 users already using this service, what are you waiting for? Give DropSend a try today.