How to Send Files Directly from Your Desktop

If you are a DropSend user, then you already know how easy it is to send large files from DropSend homepage or from your account. All you need to do is enter the recipient’s email address, your own email address and attach the files you want to send. While this is a quick and easy way to send files, don’t you sometimes wish that you could send files right from your desktop without having to open your browser? DropSend Direct makes it possible.

What is DropSend Direct?

DropSend Direct is an application that will let you speed up the file upload process. It works on both Windows and Mac computers and lets you send files straight from your desktop. This means that you won’t have to waste time opening your browser.

What are the benefits of DropSend Direct?

DropSend Direct has two main benefits – ease of use and resume upload functionality. Using the tool will make it possible for you to drag and drop the files you want to upload to the program window. This makes the upload a lot faster.

But the major advantage of DropSend Direct over uploading files via the website is the resume upload support. Just imagine – you are trying to upload a really large file, something like 1GB video. All of a sudden something goes wrong and your Internet connection drops. Or there is a browser glitch. Or something else. Your upload gets interrupted and you have to start from scratch. This can be really annoying especially if you were more than halfway through with your upload.

DropSend Direct doesn’t depend on a constantly working Internet connection the way your browser does. If something goes wrong and you get disconnected from the Internet, DropSend Direct won’t cancel your file upload. Instead, it will pause and wait for the Internet to start working again. Once the connection is active, DropSend Direct will resume your upload right where it left off.

So, what are you waiting for? Download DropSend Direct and start sending files in a quicker and more reliable way.