Sneak Peek: New DropSend Design

Hi Everyone!

A while back we wrote a short post announcing that we were working on a new DropSend design. Don’t worry, we didn’t make the website unrecognizable, but rather improved the way DropSend looks. We made it more intuitive, more accessible and even easier to use than before.  We also promised that you’ll get a sneak peek before the new design goes live. So, here you go!

DropSend Account

This is the new look of your DropSend account. As you can see, we’ve changed the menu a bit to make DropSend features more accessible. We’ve also changed the icons to give your account a contemporary look and feel.

Same goes for the Contacts page:


Sent Files

The Sent Files page had quite a lot of improvements. We’ve changed the “Tracking” section to the “Download” section and now there is a download icon instead of a text link. It works just like the link did – click on it to download a file. We’ve also adjusted the layout of the page, so that you can view all the information about your sent files at a glance.

Custom Branding

And last but not least, we’ve improved custom branding options, so that now our business customers can be a lot more creative when custom-branding their DropSend. We’ve made sure that your branding will look sleeker and more professional.


Do you like the new look? Let us know what you think! Feel free to contact us either by sending us an email and via our Facebook page.