The New DropSend for Mac Has Been Released

Hello Everyone! We have some good news for our Mac users. We’ve just released a brand new version of DropSend for Mac that has lots of stability improvements.

When working on the new version, we tried to take all your feedback into account, which means that we fixed all bugs and errors we could find. Here’s what we’ve done:

– We’ve fixed errors that some users experienced when they tried to upload ZIP archives. Now the archives don’t get corrupted anymore and get uploaded as they should.

– Now you don’t have to uninstall the previous version of the program to update to the current version. Simply update and everything will work as it should.

– We’ve added a send confirmation message, so that there is less chance that you will send a file by accident.

– We’ve fixed all autocomplete issues.

In addition to that, the new version has several interface improvements and works faster than its predecessor.