Three Best Ways to Back Up Your Files

Everybody knows that it’s important to have backups of your files. Unfortunately, not everyone bothers to create up-to-date backups and that’s a big mistake. Remember, it only takes a virus, a hard drive failure or even a simple operating system glitch to wipe your files off your computer without a chance to get them back. In this article we are going to share with you five best ways to back up your files and folders.

1. External hard drive

Backing up to an external hard drive, or even a USB flash drive, is the most traditional of all backup methods. Backing up to an HDD is easy, quick and inexpensive. The great thing about it is that your backup is portable and you can take it wherever you go.

However, there are certain downsides. For a start, you need to update your backup on a regular basis, otherwise new files won’t be included. Another issue is stability. An external hard drive is still a hard drive, which means it can fail. That’s why it’s best to use a different method for regular backups in addition to storing file on an external HDD.

2. Disk image

Creating a disk image is a great way to back up not only your files and folders, but also everything else on your computer. If you have a disk image, you don’t have to worry about any failures because you will be able to restore everything, including your operating system, your software, files, etc. Simply pop the DVD with the disk image into your DVD-ROM and restore the backup. And if you created a disk image on an external HDD, simply connect it to your computer.

The main two disadvantages of this backup method is that you need to create disk images every once in a while to keep things up to date and that you can’t restore individual files without having to restore everything.

3. Cloud backup

Online backup has been around for quite a while now, but relatively few people use it. However, cloud backup is by far the best backup method there is. Just think about it – your backups are created automatically and everything is synced, you don’t have to worry about hardware failures because your files are stored in the cloud, and you can access your files no matter where you are. Add to that the fact that your files are encrypted and kept 100% secure, and you’ll understand why it’s best to use cloud backup.

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Remember that the best way to back up your files is to combine all three methods. That way your data will be truly safe.