Try the New and Improved DropSend Today

DropSend is all about sending and uploading files. No matter whether you need to send just one or a bunch of large files, DropSend will help you out. Unfortunately, we realize that it’s not always been the fastest option when you were using the Web service (DropSend for desktop has always been blazing fast). Well, we have some great news for you – we’ve just finished working on a totally new way DropSend sends and uploads your files, and we managed to make it a lot faster than ever before. We’ve also increased the upload limit to 4GB per file.

The new and improved DropSend Send and Upload features are now three times faster than they used to be and we’re not stopping there. We want you to send your large files at maximum possible speed, so that uploading them won’t take a lot of time. We also want to make sure that DropSend is stable and safe to use (meaning that you won’t lose your upload in the middle of a send). That’s why we’ve been improving DropSend stability. And we did make all these important improvements happen, so that now you can enjoy stable, super fast sends. So, here’s what’s new in a nutshell:

  • 3x faster sends and uploads
  • Upload files of up to 4GB in size
  • Attach multiple files in one click
  • Pause and resume the uploads as you like
  • Resume uploads even if you lose connection for a while
  • New design


We will continue improving our service and working on cool new features. Thank you for your support and why don’t you go and test how the improved DropSend works!