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New Features

Import your contacts into DropSend

DropSend makes it easy to add your contacts by importing them via a CSV file. Most email applications can export a CSV file (comma separated) of your contact list.

Create the file using the following syntax: {First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Company Name}.

Once the file is created log into your DropSend account and click on the “Contacts” tab. From here look for the “Import contacts from CSV file” area and click on the “Browse” button to select the CSV file you created. Next click on the “Import Contacts” button, this will import your CSV file into DropSend. On the next screen select all of the contacts you wish to import, if you want to choose them all – click on the topmost selection box. At the bottom of the page click on the “Import Contacts” button. That’s it!

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Users and contacts in the DropSend Business Plan

We have recently divided Users and Contacts into 2 separate entities within the Dropsend Business plan.

We now have 4 different kinds of Users:

  1. Internal User: can send/receive files + online storage but cannot add/edit new user
  2. Admin: is an internal user, but can manage the user
  3. Owner: is the user who registered for the account and can do everything
  4. External User: can only send/receive files.

To manage the users, you have to click on Users (next to Contacts). Please note that only group Admin or Owner can add new users.

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Group contacts now for all plans

We have had numerous requests to allow all users across all plans to be able to create contact lists. So effective immediately Dropsend now supports group contact lists for all plans. This means you can create a list of people you commonly email and now not have to enter each email address separately to send them a file anymore.

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Business users can create a “DropBox”

Business users can now create from their control panel a special “DropBox” to place on a website for their users to be able to upload files to a preselected folder in the Business Users online file storage area.

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New Adobe AIR desktop tool

It’s been a while since we worked on improving our desktop tool and we have received lots of ideas and suggestions. So we have been working on a new desktop tool written in Adobe’s new AIR environment. You can try it out here

Our new desktop tool works on both Microsoft and Apple OS’s. This is still in beta but we are very pleased with the results so far. Please drop us an email with any suggestions or comments.

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Business users can now specify a time limit and download limit for their sent files

Business users can now select a period of time between 1 day and 14 days for their recipient to download the file(s) they sent using DropSend. Also added in this new release is the ability for Business users to specify how many times their sent file(s) can be downloaded. This will allow Business users to better control access to their files and manage their online resources more effectively.

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Business Plan users can now password-protect the files they send

We just added a new feature to allow Business Plan users to password protect individual files before they are sent providing an added level of security for all Business Plan users.

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Business users can now add their branded logo to emails

Business plan users can now add their own branded logo onto the emails sent from their Business Plan accounts. This features adds a nice professional appearance to all emails.

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We’ve added a FLASH Uploader to allow multiple file selection and automatic re-upload of files in case the connection is broken

We’ve added a FLASH Uploader to allow multiple file selection and automatic re-upload of files if the connection is broken. This new feature gives you another option when uploading large files.

FLASH version 9.0.28 or higher is required.

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We’ve increased the number of days to download a file

We’ve just increased the number of days that you can download a sent file, from 7 to 14!

This means that when you send a file to someone, they have a full two weeks to download the file before it expires and is deleted from the DropSend server. We hope you enjoy this new added flexibility.

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DropSend video tour
DropSend video tour

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