DropSend is used to send large files by all sorts of people, from individuals who want to share files with friends and family, to leading design and technology companies

“I just had to transfer a 129MB video file to San Francisco. It uploaded in 30mins, downloaded the other side in 5. You've just revolutionized my workflow.”

J Powley, Video Producer

“I've tried box.net, avvenu.com and xdrive.com and DropSend is the only product that actually works all the time! Keep up the good work.”

Steve Olechowski, Co-Founder of FeedBurner

“I just had to write and tell you how great I think DropSend is. I am 64 and sometimes I have a few problems with my computer. I wanted to send a movie clip to my son and he said "Mom, try DropSend.com!" I went to sign up and in no time at all, my file was available for him to see. Thank you from a Senior and I know that I will be using your service again.”

J Crewe

“One of our BBC teams has just got back from India and have been using their DropSend account to send back media for alloutforindia.net. They loved it. All the celebs were really impressed and it worked perfectly in this situation.”

J Russell

“Just uploaded another file with the desktop tool. I'm loving you guys. Thanks for making it easy and SOLID.”

B Jordan

“What a great product... a solution that I wish I’d found a long time ago, instead of struggling with third party ftp access problems!! My clients and suppliers love it and is now an integral part of our production workflow.”


“I started using a new app called DropSend and man I like it.”

B Warren

“A great tool for independent contractors.”


“DropSend is simple and elegant ... The interface is clear and easy to use.”

Review by Veerle

“I have had the heartbreak of losing years of unfinished work when my laptop was stolen. With DropSend, I never have to risk losing my work again.”

N Boyce

“Thank you for the superb web applications. I use them every day. Keep it up!”


“I've seen a few of these services over the years but DropSend gets my vote. And it's pretty too!”

J Orvet

“DropSend is a killer online tool”


“DropSend has that certain something that makes it the right tool for the job - and my new favorite way to send large files.”

J Zeratsky, FeedBurner

“Great concept you folks came up with, it's much needed.”

T Leonard, Designer/Artist

“You've hit the nail on the head. Squarely.”

G Knight, Web Developer

“DropSend is serious value for money.”

C Hopkins, Guildford University

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Behind the scenes

DropSend Limited is the leading provider of secure file-sending and online storage services for individuals and businesses of all sizes. The company delivers services, products and information to maximize the use of PCs, Macs and mobile devices for all users through its industry-leading software and award-winning services.

DropSend is proud of its talented team of like-minded professionals based in Bristol, UK. Rather than just colleagues, we are friends who have a goal to make sending huge files as easy, quick and secure as it can possibly be.


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