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Take the DropSend Tour

DropSend Step 1 - What is DropSend?

Step 1

What is DropSend?

DropSend is an application to send large files to other people without being restricted by email attachment sizes. With DropSend you upload a file online and the receiver gets an email with a download link.

Step 2

Let's Begin

When you first log into DropSend, this is what you'll see. To send a file, just click the 'Send a File' button.

DropSend Step 2 - Let's Begin

DropSend Step 2 - Sending a File

Step 3

Sending a File

Sending a file with DropSend is easy. Just type in an email address, browse for a file and click Send. You can send more than one file at a time and there are no restrictions on file size.

Step 4

An Email is Sent

DropSend sends an email with the file to the recipient. Collecting the file is as easy as clicking on the link in the email. Your recipient doesn't even need a DropSend account.

DropSend Step 4 - An Email is Sent

DropSend Step 5 - Sent Items

Step 5

Sent Items

When you send a file, it's recorded in your Sent folder. This helps you keep track of what you've sent and who you've sent it to. With DropSend you can also see if your file has been collected or not.

Step 6


Whenever you receive a file from another DropSend user, it appears in your DropSend account. You can download the file(s) ot copy it to your DropSend Online Storage for later use.

DropSend Step 6 - Inbox

DropSend Step 7 - Upload to Online Storage

Step 7

Upload to Online Storage

Uploading files to your Online Storage folder is easy. Just browse for up to five files, choose the folder where you want to put them, and click 'Start Upload' - it's that simple.

If you want to upload entire folders, just grab our free desktop upload tool (Mac and PC) to make things easier.

Step 8

Storage Folder

After you've uploaded file(s) to your Online Storage, you can easily access them. DropSend Online Storage is perfect for backing up important files.

DropSend Step 8 - Storage Folder

Step 9

Video Tutorials

Need some more help? Checkout one of our tutorial videos that walks you through the steps on how to use DropSend to send your large files.

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