Introducing DropShare

Introducing DropShare

DropShare Step 1 - What is DropShare?

Step 1

What is DropShare?

DropShare allows users to collaborate and share files back and forth— even if they do not have their own DropSend account

Step 2

Let's Begin

When you log into DropSend using a Standard or above plan, this is what you will see:

DropShare Step 2 - Let's Begin

DropShare Step 3 - Sending a File

Step 3

Requesting to Collaborate

Requesting to collaborate is easy. Clicking "Request A File" open a new window with several tabs. Clicking the "Request to Collaborate" tab will open a form that you can fill in and email to someone you wish to collaborate with. The best part? They do not need to have their own DropSend account.

Step 4

An Email is Sent

DropSend sends an email with the link to collaborate. This link will not expire and can be used and shared as many times as you would like.

DropShare Step 4 - An Email is Sent

DropShare Step 5 - Uploading Files

Step 5

Uploading Files

When the recipient clicks the link in the email, they will be brought to a page where they can upload and download files.

Step 6

Shared Files

Whenever your recipient uploads a file, the file will be stored in the folder created when the request was sent. You may also upload files into the folder and the recipient will be able to download it.

DropShare Step 6 - Inbox

DropShare is available on Standard, Pro, and Business Plans