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DropSend Gets a New Look on the Inside

In January 2015 DropSend introduced a whole new look – we made the site responsive and we completely redesigned its front end. And now we’ve made DropSend look contemporary and work faster from the inside. We’ve completely redesigned the whole storage, contacts, inbox and other internal areas to make the service easier to use and work better.

Here are the most notable changes we’ve made:

  • New user interface
  • New Private Folders feature (for business users)
  • Improved usability and navigation
  • Increased website speed

We hope you like the new DropSend look and enjoy using it!

Internal DropSend Changes You Should Know Of

In the past few months we’ve been working hard redesigning the DropSend website. We made it responsive (mobile-friendly) and it’s got a whole new look. But the new look is not the only thing we’ve been working on – we’ve also kept improving how your DropSend account works. Here are some internal changes you should know of:

  • We’ve added a new send/upload form that looks and works better
  • We’ve added some notifications and confirmation messages
  • We’ve fixed enterprise mail formatting
  • We’ve also added an option for admin to reset password for shared files and an option to reset payment information


We hope you enjoy using DropSend and these new improvements will make your experience better.

Possible Slower Download Speeds Due to a Fiber Cut

Today there was a fiber cut that affected some of the links coming out of one SoftLayer’s centers. This should not affect DropSend too much, but we apologize if you are experiencing slower download speeds. SoftLayer has notified the relevant telecom companies and they are working on fixing the problem as soon as possible.

DropSend Becomes Faster!

If you’ve been using DropSend for a while, then you probably know that sending large files with DropSend has always been fast. But now it has become even faster and even more stable. Now uploading a file as large as 4GB will take less time thanks to the new archiving techniques we’ve implemented on DropSend. Uploading and downloading files has also become more stable.

We are constantly working on improving our service and we’d love to hear from you if there is anything you’d like improved. Let us know your thoughts and we’ll do everything we can do make DropSend even faster, even more reliable, and even easier to use.

Try the New and Improved DropSend Today

DropSend is all about sending and uploading files. No matter whether you need to send just one or a bunch of large files, DropSend will help you out. Unfortunately, we realize that it’s not always been the fastest option when you were using the Web service (DropSend for desktop has always been blazing fast). Well, we have some great news for you – we’ve just finished working on a totally new way DropSend sends and uploads your files, and we managed to make it a lot faster than ever before. We’ve also increased the upload limit to 4GB per file.

The new and improved DropSend Send and Upload features are now three times faster than they used to be and we’re not stopping there. We want you to send your large files at maximum possible speed, so that uploading them won’t take a lot of time. We also want to make sure that DropSend is stable and safe to use (meaning that you won’t lose your upload in the middle of a send). That’s why we’ve been improving DropSend stability. And we did make all these important improvements happen, so that now you can enjoy stable, super fast sends. So, here’s what’s new in a nutshell:

  • 3x faster sends and uploads
  • Upload files of up to 4GB in size
  • Attach multiple files in one click
  • Pause and resume the uploads as you like
  • Resume uploads even if you lose connection for a while
  • New design


We will continue improving our service and working on cool new features. Thank you for your support and why don’t you go and test how the improved DropSend works!

DropSend Got the Best Free Web Apps 2013 Award from PCMag.com

Today we’ve got really big news for you! PCMag named DropSend one of the best free apps of the year. PCMag’s Best Free Web Apps 2013 award is given to a limited number of apps that prove to be reliable, highly useful, and efficient.

DropSend has been listed as the #1 app for securely sending large files to any recipient for free, thus outranking its top competitors: Hightail, Box.com, DropBox, and the rest.

“At DropSend, sending a single gigantic file is a breeze. Enter your email and a recipient’s email, upload a file, and you’re done,” – writes PCMag’s Eric Griffith.

We are really excited that a publication like PCMag named us as one of the very best and we will continue improving our service to make it even better. Just a hint, soon you will be able to send even larger files!

The New DropSend Outlook Plug-in Supports Outlook 2013

Today we have some great news for Outlook 2013 users – you can start using DropSend Outlook plug-in to send large files right from your email client.

DropSend Outlook 2013

The new version of the plugin fully supports Microsoft Outlook 2013 (as well as the previous versions of Outlook) and has some cool new features for Business Plan users:

  • Protect files with a password
  • Set the maximum number of downloads for each attachment
  • Specify for how long you want the file download link to stay active

You can download the new version of the DropSend Outlook Plug-in here.

Get the New and Improved DropSend for iPhone Now!

Are you an iOS user? If yes, we hope that you’ve been using our DropSend app. And if you haven’t, then now is the time to try it because the new version has a lot of cool new features. These features will make sending large files from your iPhone or iPad quicker, easier, and there are more options for managing your DropSend account.

DropSend for iPhone

Here is what’s new:

– a new Contact Manager to manage your DropSend contacts
– AutoComplete for emails addresses
– Unzip archives on your device and preview

In addition to that, there are some handy new features for our Business Plan users:

– protect your sends with a password
– set file expiration limit
– set how many times the file can be downloaded

We recommend that you upgrade to the new version of the app as soon as possible to start using all these new features.

Download the latest version from the App Store!

The New DropSend for Mac Has Been Released

Hello Everyone! We have some good news for our Mac users. We’ve just released a brand new version of DropSend for Mac that has lots of stability improvements.

When working on the new version, we tried to take all your feedback into account, which means that we fixed all bugs and errors we could find. Here’s what we’ve done:

– We’ve fixed errors that some users experienced when they tried to upload ZIP archives. Now the archives don’t get corrupted anymore and get uploaded as they should.

– Now you don’t have to uninstall the previous version of the program to update to the current version. Simply update and everything will work as it should.

– We’ve added a send confirmation message, so that there is less chance that you will send a file by accident.

– We’ve fixed all autocomplete issues.

In addition to that, the new version has several interface improvements and works faster than its predecessor.

How to Update DropSend Direct to Version 4.06

We have some good new for DropSend direct Windows users. We’ve just released a new version of the app. In this release we’ve fixed all the bugs that the previous version of the app had. Here is what got fixed:

  • DropSend uploads get stuck at 96-99%
  • ZIP folders cannot be unpacked
  • Large files cannot be uploaded (“send files error” message)
  • Dropsend crashes while uploading large files/folders


We’ve also fixed problems that users encountered when updating DropSend Direct. But even though we addressed update problems, you need to update to DropSend Direct 4.06 properly to avoid any errors. This is important, so read carefully how you should update the program:

  1. Open your current DropSend Direct installation. You will be prompted to update the program as soon as you launch it. IMPORTANT: ignore the update prompt and click on Cancel to proceed to the main program window
  2. Now click on File and go to Preferences
    DropSend Update 
  3. Navigate to the Updates tab and click on the Update button
  4. Wait for DropSend Direct to download and install the update


Other changes include interface bug fixes and other minor changes.